Backing Business to Create New Jobs

Revitalising Traditional Industry

Under the Liberals we have seen thousands of jobs lost in the mining industry, mines have closed and mineral exploration has dried up.

Labor has a three-point plan to get the mining industry moving again.

  1. Labor will declare a Special Mining Zone over the entire Mt Lyell Mine lease at Queenstown to cut red tape for new exploration and mining activity.
  2. Labor will appoint Mobile Case Managers within Mineral Resources Tasmania to better guide proponents of new mines through the exploration, planning, approvals and establishment process.
  3. Labor will provide a royalty holiday for proposals that involve rehabilitating old mine sites and tailings.

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Organic Dairy

Labor will build on our major investment in irrigation by working with farmers to establish the economies of scale needed to attract organic milk processing opportunities in North East and North West Tasmania.

Through TasTAFE, Labor will work with our dairy farmers to improve training for young Tasmanians seeking employment in the industry.

By leveraging state and federal Labor’s investment in irrigation infrastructure and providing targeted assistance for organic conversions, we can help to protect jobs in the dairy industry and support the creation of a new manufacturing industry.

As more farms convert to organic status, there will be a need to establish a complementary supply of organic grain and fodder, creating more opportunities for job creation and agricultural expansion.

Keeping Taxes Low to Support Enterprise

In Government Labor backed business  by reducing payroll tax and helping to create around 5000 new jobs in Tasmania.

Labor’s incentives provided direct tax relief to over 2200 Tasmanian businesses and stimulated new employment.

Labor will work with industry to help young people, the long-term unemployed and retrenched workers into full time work by providing targeted payroll tax relief for new jobs.

Restoring Confidence in the Salmon Industry

Aquaculture is a significant provider of full time jobs in regional Tasmania at a time when we desperately need full time employment.

The Liberal Government has eroded community trust in this important industry by failing to provide leadership. This lack of action has also led to a lack of certainty for the industry.

Labor will strengthen the regulation of the Tasmanian salmon industry and make it more independent.

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