Better Jobs and Employment for all Tasmanians.

Labor supports ongoing, rewarding, safe and secure jobs.

Labor is committed to repairing the damage done to health and education
by the Liberals because we are driven by a core belief that when people
are healthy and well educated they are better able to fully participate in
our community and the workforce.

Labor supports penalty rates and will work with Federal Labor to ensure
that the devastating penalty rate cuts of 2017 for workers in hospitality,
retail, pharmacy and fast food are reversed.

Labor is committed to addressing casualisation and the outsourcing of
work, to providing incentives for apprentices and trainees while investing
in education and skills that will prepare us for the future of work.

Labor’s guarantee to retain public assets will keep jobs in Tasmania
while growing employment opportunities through better procurement
practices and investment in major infrastructure projects.

Labor will set a clear expectation that businesses receiving government
funding provide direct and ongoing employment to workers.

Labor will continue to work with Federal Labor to address insecure
work practices nationally and will conduct an Inquiry into Labour Hire
Practices, Trade Licencing and Wage Theft in the Tasmania.

Rebecca White
Tasmanian Labor Leader

Putting Tassie Jobs First

Skills and Training

Labor will fix Tasmania’s broken skills and training system by restoring
confidence in TasTAFE.

TasTAFE plays a crucial role in getting people job ready and Labor will ensure
that at least 70 per cent of public training dollars go to the public training

Labor will establish eight Industry Advisory Councils made up of industry, union and community stakeholders to have a direct role in preparing workforce plans, planning for the future of work, industry audits and advice on the allocation of skills funding.

Labor will introduce apprentice and trainee incentives to address skills gaps
identified by Industry Advisory Councils.

We will mandate and enforce minimum apprentice numbers on major projects
and across Government Business Enterprises.

Workplace Safety

Labor believes everyone has the right to go to work and come home safely.

The number one priority of workplace safety laws should be to avoid people being injured in the first place.

When people are injured at work, Labor wants to ensure they are supported to return to work as soon as possible.

Labor will invest in workplace health and safety by introducing presumptive Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder legislation for frontline first responders.

Labor will ensure that the scoping work for Presumptive PTSD legislation considers a range of roles and professions where workers are exposed to high levels of trauma.

Labor will commit to ensuring Tasmania’s workplace laws are contemporary and effective.

Labor will undertake a full review of the Acts around workplace health and safety and industrial relations.

The review will include extending our workplace laws to contractors and worker’s compensation step-down provisions in the public service.

Labor will review legislation recently introduced in Queensland and conduct detailed consultation with industry and unions to inform the introduction of industrial manslaughter laws within our first year.

The vast majority of employers do everything they possibly can to keep their workers safe. However, industrial manslaughter laws send a strong message that companies and senior officers working with them are expected to do everything in their power to keep workers safe.

The intention of these laws is to have a positive effect of raising safety standards and increasing proactive work health and safety management.

Labor is committed to the introduction of a portable long service leave scheme for community services, aged and disability care, contract cleaning and contract security within the first year of a majority Labor government.

Many Tasmanian workers are currently unable to access their entitlement to Long Service Leave through no fault of their own, due the short term nature of project funding and contract work. Currently, some workers can work for decades in the same place of employment, doing the same work, but not accrue an entitlement to Long Service Leave. Labor recognises that this is not fair.

Secure Full Time Jobs for Tasmanians

Job Security

Too many Tasmanians are in some form of insecure work.

Insecure work makes it harder for Tasmanian families to meet rising costs of living. Without job security, people worry about paying bills, buying food and have little chance of not just buying, but also renting, a home.

Too many Tasmanians are also underemployed. According to the ABS, around 22,000 Tasmanians want more hours from their employer.

Meanwhile 1600 full time jobs have been lost under the Liberals since July 2017.

These are the employment figures that the Liberals do not want to talk about because they highlight a crisis of insecure work.

Tackling insecure work requires a joint strategy between State and Federal Governments to plan for the future of work, support full time, permanent job creation and crack down on the deliberate underpayment of worker’s wages and superannuation.

Labor will conduct an Inquiry into Labour Hire Practices and Wage Theft in Tasmania, including seeking advice on the introduction of a Labour Hire licensing Scheme.

Labor’s Procurement Policy and Tender Support Unit will give local businesses more opportunity to bid for and win government work, promote employment opportunities for people with disabilities, apprentices and trainees while
ensuring the government only purchases from business who have guaranteed
pay and conditions for their workers.

Labor will not privatise publicly owned assets or services, will keep jobs in
Tasmania and will invest in regional economic development to grow employment opportunities across the state.

Workforce Planning

Labor believes that unions provide a legitimate voice for workers which is vital
for fully informed government decision making.

Labor is committed to restoring worker’s voices in representative and advisory
bodies and will include union representation on each of the eight Industry
Advisory Councils.

Labor will develop a long-term plan for the State Service, investing in stable,
secure, ongoing employment opportunities, and putting a stop to the ongoing
casualisation of our State Service.

The State Service Plan will sit alongside a commitment to good faith negotiations over pay and conditions including a review of employment practices, fixed term and casual to permanent conversion provisions and
strategies to address the aging public sector workforce.

Labor is committed to the introduction of a portable long service leave scheme
within the first year of a majority Labor government.

We will commit to reinstating the annual ‘People Matter’ survey of the public
service and publishing results for each agency because it is only through
listening to our workforce that we can identify morale issues and strategies
for improvement.

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