Building our Education Base

Labor understands the need for school infrastructure to be modern, functional and welcoming.

We have a strong record of investing in education facilities, which we will continue in government.

A new co-ed Hobart High School

Labor has listened to community calls for a co-ed public high school in Hobart to cater for growing suburbs like West Hobart, Mount Stuart, Lenah Valley and New Town.

Labor recognises that Taroona High School is at capacity and there is a need for additional high school co-educational options for parents and students.

A new Hobart co-ed high school will give families greater choice when it comes to the education they want for their children.

Labor is aware of a number of potential sites for a new high school close to Hobart, with good linkages to public transport.

The final site will be identified in consultation with the community and design and construction would begin in the first term of a Labor Government.

Cost: $40 million

Sorell K-12

Labor understands that the Sorell kindergarten to year 12 facilities are out of date and aren’t up to the standard needed for the growth of the area.

That is why we want to ensure that the educational facilities are able to meet future demand while providing the best education experience possible for students.

Cost: $22 million

Penguin K-12 rebuild

Labor will deliver a revitalised Penguin kindergarten to year12 school to allow for greater student numbers and a campus on a single site.

We will work with the community to ensure that the school is appropriate to their needs.

Cost: $20 million

Identifying demand

A majority Labor Government will ensure that the necessary planning and development for new schools in emerging and growing suburbs is undertaken. 

Within our first year Labor will complete a detailed analysis of the demographics of fast growing suburbs such as Legana and Brighton to identify demand for new school infrastructure and develop a staged plan for investment in new facilities.

Cost: $125,000

College infrastructure fund

Labor recognises the need to invest in our colleges to ensure that they meet the needs of our students and teachers.

We know that our Northern colleges have ageing infrastructure that needs improving, which is why we have allocated a fund to support infrastructure upgrades at Don, Launceston and Hellyer College in 2018-19.

Cost: $2.5 million


Labor will commit to long term planning of infrastructure priorities in schools across the state.

We will commit to a transparent process for the allocation of capital works funding to ensure that it goes to schools based on genuine need.