Labor’s Community Roads Package.

Roads are the lifeline for communities right around the State.

Labor knows that to keep roads and the people who use them safe, governments must invest in upgrading our road infrastructure.

Tasmanian residents have witnessed increased numbers of interstate and overseas visitors using our roads.

At the same time the Liberals have underspent its Budget for the 2017/18 year to maintain and build new road infrastructure.

Despite Liberal claims of record investment in roads, ageing infrastructure is listed as a key budget risk by Treasury.

Labor is concerned that the Liberals road building program has not delivered the best quality roads for Tasmanians and this will be reflected in higher maintenance costs than necessary in future years.

Contractors have been forced to build roads within the unrealistic budget restraints, which has resulted in roads that will simply not last Tasmanian taxpayers as long as they should.

From a long-term perspective, Labor is committed to upgrade all roads to a minimum 3 Star AusRAP rating by 2045.

Labor will continue to work closely with Federal Labor to lever Commonwealth Funding for Tasmanian Roads.

Unlike the Liberals, Labor knows how to secure Commonwealth Government funding to make Tasmanian taxpayer’s funds go further.

The correction of the underinvestment by the Liberals in community roads is the focus of the Rebecca White Labor Government’s Community Roads package.

Labor commits to working closely with Local Councils, through Partnership Agreements to prioritise road upgrades, maintenance and safety works.

Through these agreements, Labor will ensure that through proper consultation with Councils, action is taken on all opportunities to improve traffic flows, such as taking over the management and control of key roads, including Macquarie and Davey Streets in the South and Wellington and Bathurst Streets in the North.

In the Tasmanian Labor Economic Direction Statement released in May 2017, Labor made a commitment to allocate $60M across three years for its Community Roads Package, to restore surfaces, realign corners and bends and importantly, improve safety outcomes for road users and pedestrians.

Check out the map below for a community road upgrade near you:

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