Equality for all Tasmanians

Nobody likes to be treated differently from anyone else under the law, just because of who they are. We all want to be equal and deserve to be treated equally.

Unfortunately, for our LGBTIQ community, this is still not always the case. While in recent times there have been positive reforms such as marriage equality, the discrimination and harassment faced by LGBTIQ people in schools and our broader community continues.

For transgender or intersex people it could not be clearer than how they are treated under the Birth, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1999. The options report by the former Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Robin Banks, in 2016 contains recommendations to remove discrimination against transgender and intersex people.

Labor recognises that we need law reform that will ensure people are legally recognised for who they are. People should not have to go through sexual reassignment treatment or surgery in order to change their gender on their birth certificate. And those people, who identify as non-binary, should be able to have their non-gender recorded on their birth certificate with the symbol ‘X’.

In addition, any law reform must amend section 28A of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1999 (Tas) to ensure that where a married partner chooses to change his or her gender, their marriage is still recognised as lawful and they are not required to divorce.

 A Labor Government will consult on legislation to allow people to change their gender on their birth certificate, which would include a new category of ‘X’ for those people who identify as non-binary, ensure there is no requirement to divorce when assigned the same gender as their husband or wife and consider at what age a person should be able to change their gender on their birth certificate.

A Labor Government will continue the LGBTI Grants Program (cost $50.000)