Firearm Owners, Organisations and Clubs

Labor recognises the legitimate use of firearms for competitive shooting, hunting and as an important tool of trade for farmers and other professional groups including the collection of antique and other firearms.

Labor strongly supports the National Firearms Agreement established following the tragic shooting event at Port Arthur.

Labor recognises that a bi-partisan to State firearm regulations within the National Firearms Agreement is the appropriate policy approach.

In Government Labor will:

  • Examine the feasibility of replacing sworn officers within Tasmania Police Firearm Services (FAS) with a civilian based administration of suitably qualified personnel able to deal in a timely way with the specific administrative requirements of the service. This action will improve FAS operation and enable sworn officers to be redeployed away from administrative duties and back into front line policing;
  • Consult with firearm organisations and clubs to establish an agreed, formal expert based structure that is able to provide timely advice to Government on firearm policy and issues;
  • Acknowledge the submission by farmer groups, particularly the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) regarding regulatory issues encountered by farmers and others which frustrate and impede legitimate day to date use of firearms. Following the election of a Labor Government immediate action will be taken to meet and consult with the TFGA and others to address the legitimate concerns that have been highlighted;
  • Move to introduce the use of infringement notices in lieu of a summons for very minor breaches of firearm storage regulations. The need for this change was highlighted in recent parliamentary debate relating to firearm storage;
  • Recognise the genuine specialist use of reloaded ammunition for competitive target shooting and the special storage and transport issues that arise.  Labor will address and resolve the interstate transfer restrictions on reloaded ammunition that is presently greatly reducing attendances at interstate target shooting events such as the Queens Prize events that have been in place for over 100 years;
  • Recognise and support improved protocols for the safe keeping of antique firearms and their display;
  • Support the use of firearms on registered ranges and will, where appropriate, assist clubs and organisations to develop secure, safe and appropriate facilities.