Fishing for the Future

Labor knows that going fishing is a way of life for many Tasmanians, their families and friends, around Tasmania. Labor will always stand up for the rights of Tasmanians to enjoy catching a fish or two.

Fishing is also a large part of the Tasmanian economy and community and Labor will continue to actively support recreational fishing and ensure access to our iconic Tasmanian coastal waters and estuaries.

This is why we support the National Recreational Fishing Code of Practice – because we believe it is best practice. 

In particular, Labor agrees with the National Code’s mission to empower recreational fishers to make responsible decisions as they pursue their passion. 

This policy means a Tasmanian Labor Government will provide a much needed voice in Canberra for Tasmanian recreational fishers and we will make sure all decisions are in the best interests of Tasmania. These decisions will be based on sound environmental, economic and social science.

Labor will:

  1. Not introduce licence fees or charges for recreational fishing in salt water and coastal areas.
  2. Provide an additional $1.5 million to Marine and Safety Tasmania over three years for improved signage and carpark landscaping and new public toilets to make it safer and more comfortable in the most popular areas for fishing. 
  3. Conduct a review into the effectiveness of the Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing (TARFish)  and ensure they are properly funded and resourced as the peak representative body for recreational fishers.

Only a Rebecca White Majority Labor Government will be about Putting People First.