Fixing Water & Sewerage for Good

Tackling Tasmania’s Big Infrastructure Challenges

Tasmania is now feeling the benefits of major projects delivered by Labor including the state’s irrigation system and the Three Capes Track. This momentum has created its own set of infrastructure challenges.

Across Tasmania there are major infrastructure projects everyone agrees Government has to tackle. They’re holding back our state and Tasmania can do better.

Labor chooses to see those challenges as opportunities to create jobs, give a boost to Tasmanian business, and grow the economy for everyone.

Labor knows that investing in these infrastructure projects will create economic growth across Tasmania for decades to come.

Labor will take decisive action to tackle three massive water and sewerage projects that are outside TasWater’s current works plan and aren’t even on the Government’s radar.

  • Labor will advance the replacement of Launceston’s deplorable sewerage and stormwater system.
  • Labor will relocate the sewerage works on Macquarie Point to pave the way for up to $1 billion in private investment.
  • Labor will fix the Cameron Bay treatment plant which stands in the way of Mona’s exciting $300 million stage two development.

Right now these projects don’t even have a start date.

Labor will change this.

Fixing Launceston’s Water and Sewerage

The separation of the Launceston’s combined water and sewerage system is simply too important to ignore. Launceston’s  water and sewerage system is ancient and urgently needs upgrading. Labor will take action and invest in the future of Launceston.

Labor will fix Launceston’s water and sewerage. This will be the single largest infrastructure project for Launceston in over a hundred years. It will create jobs, give a boost to Tasmanian businesses but most importantly ensure the North of the state has the capacity to grow and expand.

Relocating the Macquarie Point Sewerage Works

Tasmanians should not have to wait for 30 years for the Macquarie Point vision to be delivered. We can do better than that.

One of the great challenges facing the exciting Macquarie Point Development is relocating the sewerage works currently at the site. Currently there is no plan for how, when or where the relocation will take place. Tasmania can do better.

Everyone agrees we need to relocate the sewerage works at Macquarie Point. Only Labor will do it. Our solution for funding the relocation of the plant at Macquarie Point begins on our first day of Government and will deliver more than $1 billion in investment before 2025.

Paving the way for Stage Two of Mona

There is little doubt that Mona has been a pivotal driver of growth in our tourism sector. In 2015-16 there were well over 1 million visitors to Tasmania and visitors who went to Mona spent $738 million during their trip to Tasmania. But Tasmania can do better.

Mona has already presented its vision for an exciting expansion. But the Cameron Bay water treatment plan stands in the way of this important project. Labor will fix this. We will allow shared equity to facilitate the development of the Cameron Bay scheme to give David Walsh the green light on his $300 million dollar Mona stage 2.

Labor’s Social Infrastructure Partnership

Labor will separate major projects that sit outside of TasWater’s current works plan and seek equity investment from Australian industry super funds to accelerate completion.

Projects identified for Labor’s Social Infrastructure Partnership program are:

  • Fixing Launceston’s Sewerage and Water.
  • Relocating Macquarie Point Sewerage Works.
  • Relocating the Cameron Bay Treatment Plan.
  • Other capital works bundled at over $20 million.

Labor will make them a reality in true partnership with councils and Australian worker-owned superannuation and equity funds.

A condition to the tendering of these large projects is to include the maximisation of local material, labour and apprentices.

Labor will take advantage of historically low interest rates and an extremely competitive superannuation market that is looking for low-risk, long-term infrastructure opportunities to keep rates of return low and minimise impacts on household bills.

Labor will also continue to pursue funding from other sources, including Infrastructure Australia.

Working with Councils

Rather than picking a fight with councils that will delay progress on water and sewerage for at least another year. Labor will get on with fixing the problem.

Labor’s policy would mean that TasWater would remain in local government hands and dividends would continue to be paid, providing acceptable project timeframes and performance standards are met.

Labor will get our crucial water and sewerage infrastructure fixed for good as soon as possible and we will allow TasWater to focus on its core business. Labor will create Tasmanian jobs and we’ll give a boost to Tasmanian business across the state.