Free, universal public education for Tasmania.

A Majority Labor Government will deliver the single biggest cost of living program in the state’s history by providing a truly free universal public education system.

Labor will waive school fees and levies for all Tasmanian public school students from kinder to grade 12.

This major cost of living initiative will remove the barriers to public education and put more money in the pocket of hard working families.

Labor’s policy will save the average Tasmanian family with three kids around $1800 per year.

The cost of public education has been steadily increasing and is now a major burden on Tasmanian families.

The bills arrive at the worst possible time, right after Christmas when families are already struggling with cost of living pressures.

Labor will provide relief in our first budget, meaning parents will no longer have to pay fees and levies from the 2019 school year.

We can deliver this game-changing cost of living initiative because we have made our priorities in this campaign clear – providing the highest quality health and education systems.

Instead of providing tax breaks to business, building underground bus malls, subsidising councils and constructing new prisons as promised by the Liberals, Labor will invest in ensuring that every Tasmanian child can access a quality, public education.

Education is not a cost; it is an investment in our State’s future. Labor will provide direct assistance to schools to replace the revenue previously raised through school fees and levies.

We will use the previously announced review of school fees to develop a new funding model for all schools over the course of the next four years, in consultation with school communities.

The new model will be aimed at ensuring fairness and equity across all schools in relation to the services and experiences they provide their students.

Cost: $24 million a year over four years

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