Safe and secure housing for Tasmanians.

Labor believes that every Tasmanian should have access to safe and secure housing

Tasmania is on the brink of a housing crisis – from affordable housing, private rental, community housing and emergency shelter accommodation.

Young Tasmanians are giving up on the dream of owning their own home.

Too many Tasmanian families are currently living in tenuous housing arrangements – trying to pay rent they cannot afford.

Others are couch surfing, not knowing where they will sleep, from one night to the next. 

It’s no way to live, and no way to try and create a stable family environment.

Very soon, 4000 Tasmanians will be waiting for public housing. 

The housing shortage is expected to increase at a rate of at least 7% per annum until 2030 and beyond

Labor recognises that there is no simple solution to this complex problem. 

We need to explore new and innovative opportunities for getting people housed, and keeping them housed. 

Labor has consulted widely in the development of our Homes for Tasmanians policy and we are confident it will make a real and sustainable difference to Tasmanians who are currently experiencing housing distress. 

Labor will allocate over $100 million over six years in new money to rollout Homes for Tasmanians. This commitment is in addition to the funding already provided in the budget to address the housing crisis. This includes a commitment to work in consultation with the community and housing sector to extend the Affordable Housing Action Plan which expires in 2019.

Labor’s policy will deliver 900 new builds, with planning and construction for 433 to commence in the first two years of government.

Labor recognises that addressing the housing crisis requires more than just bricks and mortar. Our policy provides a range of services and accommodation options that support Tasmanians who are in need of housing. 

The measures in Labor’s Homes for Tasmanians Policy will directly assist approximately 2,133 people per year or more than 12,800 people in the first term of a Majority Labor Government.

As part of our consultation with housing experts and key stakeholders, we have tailored programs to areas of specific need including:

  • Over 55 year old’s
  • 18-25 year old’s
  • People living with disabilities
  • People escaping family violence
  • Adolescents in out of home care

Labor’s Homes for Tasmanians Policy is divided into four key areas addressing particular areas of need.

Labor’s Homes for Tasmanians Policy is divided into four key areas addressing particular areas of need:

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