Investing in Local Communities

Labor has been committed to supporting Tasmania’s Neighbourhood Houses for over 15 years. We recognise the important role Neighbourhood Houses have in community life. Neighbourhood Houses run programs and activities at a local level that help to build the strength and resilience of individuals, families and communities.

A Labor Government would commit to increased recurrent funding for the operation of 33 Neighbourhood Houses across Tasmania of $45,000 each.

Labor is committed to looking after our grassroots communities which is why we will invest $2 million to provide capital upgrades to refurbish the ageing buildings Neighbourhood Houses operate from.

This capital investment program will stimulate economic activity across our regions as well as improve the important infrastructure Neighbourhood Houses operate from.

Creating Opportunities for All

Community houses provide opportunities for local people to gain new skills and qualifications to become leaders in their own communities. Only Labor will invest in regional Tasmania and its people.

Through the work of staff and the programs they deliver Neigbourhood Houses help to find local solutions to problems that arise in communities. They offer training and development opportunities for the people who engage with them that can lead to exciting new pathways.

This commitment ensures that Neighbourhood House staff don’t lose their jobs and prevents programs from ceasing.

Putting People First

Labor will invest in empowering communities and support vulnerable Tasmanians.

This recurrent funding commitment will maintain employment and help create more jobs in neighbourhood houses. It is estimated that roughly 1 employee was engaged for each $10,000 spent on the projects undertaken by Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania to date. Therefore the capital funding could create 200 construction related jobs.


Recurrent $1.485 million.

Capital $2 million.