Labor’s Plan for Health

Health is Our Number One Priority

Labor will spend $60 million on health infrastructure on the North West Coast.

Fixing Tasmania’s health crisis and our broken health system will be the number one priority of a Majority Labor Government.

When people are happy and healthy, they are more productive members of society.

Labor recognises the impact of the Liberal’s cuts to the health system and the impact this has had on the health of all Tasmanians.

Labor’s $560 million Better Health Plan will take the pressure off our emergency departments by employing more doctors, more nurses, more allied health professionals and more paramedics.

A Majority Labor Government will invest in health for the North West Coast and King Island by delivering:

  • An Integrated Care Centre at Devonport
  • A new Child and Family Centre at Smithton
  • Two public Mother and Baby Unit beds
  • Free daily patient transport service between hospitals and the North West and West Coasts
  • Additional Psychiatric Emergency Nurses at the North West Regional Hospital
  • Reinstate the Health Promotion Officer on King Island
  • More ambulance paramedics
  • More nurses in our community and hospital
  • More doctors in our hospitals and our community

Integrated Care Centre at Devonport

Labor has already committed $10 million to building an Integrated Care Centre in Devonport to improve care services in the region.
The Centre will bring primary care, allied health and outpatient services into the same precinct in Devonport, to improve the health and wellbeing of locals.
Labor’s plan is to invest heavily in health infrastructure in areas of need right across Tasmania.
The new Integrated Care Centre will incorporate a significant range of visiting and permanent health services to provide better management of the chronic and complex conditions that exist within the region.

A New Child and Family Centre at Smithton

These centres provide essential services for people with children from birth to 5 years.

A positive early start in life with a focus on improving the health and educational outcomes of our children lays the foundation for our young people to have successful lives.

Additionally, these centres help to build skills within our communities and provide families with information, advice and a holistic approach to the care of their children.

A Majority Labor Government will provide funding of $3.5 million for a new Child and Family Centre in Smithton, to provide the community with these essential services.

Mother and Baby Unit Public Beds

Labor has committed to funding a new Mother and Baby Unit in the North West because we believe that support and care for new parents is vital to ensure babies get the best start in life and to develop healthy and strong parent and child relationships.

Labor believes that if parents are facing difficulties with a new baby they should be able to get the help they need. Labor will staff each unit with qualified accredited midwives with additional qualifications in lactation consultancy and maternal and child health.

Additional Psychiatric Emergency Nurses at the North West Regional Hospital

Labor will fund Psychiatric Emergency Nurses to work every shift in the Emergency Department at the North West Regional Hospital.
Labor is committed to supporting better mental health and well-being for all Tasmanians and fund the services to help those who need access to care and support.

Reinstate the Health Promotion Officer on King Island

A Majority Labor Government will re-establish the Health Promotion Officer on King Island, which had existed for more than 20 years until it was axed by Federal and State Liberal Governments

This officer will fill many roles aimed at preventing health problems and complications by working with the local Men’s Shed, Community Garden and other King Island groups.


Labor believes in finding new ways to provide patients with care after treatment to ease the pressure on our hospital system and free up beds, Labor will deliver Tasmania’s first public Medihotels.
We will work with clinicians in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie to develop a model of care that meets the needs of each eligible patient group.

A MediHotel will provide supported accommodation to patients and nursing staff will be employed to offer 24/7 care to patients. Labor will seek a suitable hotel for the provision of rooms in each region to meet demand and take pressure off the hospital system.

This means freeing up beds in the hospital for patients with more serious medical needs.

The cost of accommodating a patient in a hotel for a night is much lower than a hospital bed. There is no cost to the patient for this service. Medihotels allow patients to be in a private and relaxing environment while they wait for transport arrangements to be made, a script to be filled or an outpatient appointment.

Free Patient Transport Service

Labor recognises that for remote and regional areas transport options to and from medical appointments is limited.
Labor will trial for two years a fixed transport service, operating seven days a week, between the Launceston General Hospital, Mersey Community Hospital and North West Regional Hospital and through to the patients home on the West Coast for those patients who are fit for independent travel. This service would have the capacity to transport 10 patients at a time.