Labor’s Plan for the North West Coast

Labor is passionate about the North West Coast and growing the
region’s economy.

The Coast is a key contributor to the State’s enviable culture, lifestyle and economic prosperity. The region is becoming increasingly recognised for its beauty and attractiveness to tourists.

Only Labor has the right plan to capitalise on current opportunities and look to the future to create prosperity for North West Coast residents.

Braddon has not seen the activity, growth or vision that would be expected from electing a record four sitting Liberal MHAs.

For the last four years the Liberal Government have sat on their hands and allowed many parts of our community to stagnate.

A Majority Labor Government will have a strong focus on assisting successful companies like Elphinstone, Penguin Composites and Fairbrother to grow.

Labor will also focus on finding ways to support and encourage new and emerging businesses to thrive.

Labor will also support the growing horticulture industry in the region, as it is only Labor that recognises a thriving future for the North West and West Coasts with a diverse economy.

Labor wants to ensure people are healthy and have access to secure, stable and full-time employment.


Labor welcomes the establishment of the Hermal Timber Plant and will ensure that new opportunities across all sectors are pursued in order to secure much needed private sector investment.

Labor is a strong supporter of renewable energy and will work in Government to progress new generation opportunities such as Robbins Islands and Jims Plains wind farms as well as Granville Harbour.

Braddon has lost 704 apprentices since the Liberals were elected. The biggest loss of apprentices from any electorate in Tasmania and it is simply unacceptable.

Labor accepts the unemployment rate has fallen but this is nothing to celebrate when so many apprentices have disappeared – diminishing our future skills base.

Labor is concerned also about the increase in full time jobs being replaced by casual and part time positions.

Under the Liberal Government Tasmania lost 1,600 full time jobs since June 2017.

The Liberals have also created a health crisis due to chronic underfunding of health services and an inability to tackle the growing reliance on locums, which cost $27.5 million last financial year.

It is deplorable for patients to wait hours in the Emergency Department at the North West Regional Hospital because there aren’t enough staff or beds for people to access in-patient treatment.

Rebecca White
Tasmanian Labor Leader

Putting People First

A Majority Labor Government will support the communities of the North West Coast through investment in much needed job creating infrastructure, investing in health care, increasing tourist attractions and giving our young people a better future through investing in their skills and higher education.

Our commitment is to support our communities to access health care and create jobs and prosperity in the region.