Planning for the Future

Labor knows that addressing the housing crisis is not just about building new houses, it is critical that we plan appropriately for what we want our communities to look like in the future.

Labor is already thinking about this with our Northern Suburbs Passenger Rail and Urban Renewal Project.

Labor will stop the urban sprawl and encourage neighbourhood renewal projects that promote medium density housing and social mix to better reflect surrounding communities. We will rezone Hobart’s Northern Suburbs Rail Corridor for medium density housing which is affordable, close to services and employment. Newly constructed, fit for purpose housing will be energy efficient and reduce the cost of living.


Labor’s commitment to ensure that the planning process is effective and easy to navigate will help ensure that developers are not discouraged from investing in Tasmania.  This work will be complemented by the audit which is underway to identify appropriate government owned land that can be released to assist in addressing the current housing shortage.

Standing up for Tasmanians

Instead of standing up for Tasmanians the current Liberal Government has let Tasmanians down time and again when it really counts.  They have continually failed to get a fair share of investment in housing in Tasmania from the Federal Government and ensure that Tasmania’s interests are taken into account. Only Labor will put Tasmanians first and address the housing crisis in Tasmania.

National Housing and Homelessness Agreement

A Labor Government will ensure Tasmania’s voice is heard at the negotiating table. There is uncertainty across the nation about the new National Housing and Homelessness Agreement (NHHA).  This is because the current Federal Government has not included the scale of new investment urgently needed to house the growing number of people in housing stress or at risk of homelessness.

Investment in affordable housing options requires strong commitment from all levels of government. Labor is committed to working collaboratively with all levels of government to address the housing crisis, but we will not shy away from lobbying the Federal Government hard to achieve better outcomes for our State.

The housing debt

Tasmania’s outstanding public housing debt to the Federal Government is an unfair legacy burdening the current generation. The public housing debt takes up to half of Commonwealth Government contributions to the sector each year and successive governments have been unsuccessful in lobbying the Federal Government to remove the debt. A future Labor Government will explore a range of options to alleviate this burden including such things as: 

  • Negotiating with the Australian Government to change the debt to an interest free loan.

  • An interest freeze dependant on meeting key performance indicators.

The flow on benefits

Safe and secure housing is a measure proven to improve health, education, community and family outcomes, reduced crime and mental health.

Research shows that every $1 spent on social and affordable housing means a saving of $2.32 dollars across Government.

Labor’s investment will have flow-on benefits across government, including health, education, justice, disability and cost of living.