Rebecca White and Labor will always put people first.

Boosting the Fire Service front line
The Liberal Government has systematically undermined the Tasmanian Fire Service. The 2014 budget transferred the cost of the State Emergency Service to the Fire Service, with no new funding. This backdoor budget cut has resulted in an annual deficit of $2.5 million and has undermined the ability of the TFS to maintain buildings and replace […]
Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities
A Labor Government will introduce a Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities within the first term of Government. A charter would help to inform people of their rights, freedoms and responsibilities in the one document and provide a basis for action to be taken if their rights are being infringed by government.
Equality for all Tasmanians
Nobody likes to be treated differently from anyone else under the law, just because of who they are. We all want to be equal and deserve to be treated equally. Unfortunately, for our LGBTIQ community, this is still not always the case. While in recent times there have been positive reforms such as marriage equality, […]
Firearm Owners, Organisations and Clubs
Labor recognises the legitimate use of firearms for competitive shooting, hunting and as an important tool of trade for farmers and other professional groups including the collection of antique and other firearms. Labor strongly supports the National Firearms Agreement established following the tragic shooting event at Port Arthur. Labor recognises that a bi-partisan to State […]
Fishing for the Future
Labor knows that going fishing is a way of life for many Tasmanians, their families and friends, around Tasmania. Labor will always stand up for the rights of Tasmanians to enjoy catching a fish or two.
Fixing Water & Sewerage for Good
Tasmania is now feeling the benefits of major projects delivered by Labor including the state’s irrigation system and the Three Capes Track. This momentum has created its own set of infrastructure challenges. Labor will take decisive action to tackle three massive water and sewerage projects that are outside TasWater’s current works plan and aren’t even on the Government’s radar.
Franklin Maritime Heritage Centre
An elected Labor Government will invest $450,000 to establish a Maritime Heritage Centre at Franklin, a key step towards realising the community’s vision for a working maritime precinct.
Improving access for assistance dogs
Labor will make it easier for people with a range of disabilities and impairments to have assistance dogs. Currently under Tasmanian law only guide dogs for the visually and hearing impaired have public access rights to enter public buildings, transport, businesses and accommodation. However, there are a range of disabilities and impairments where assistance dogs […]
Innovation and Tech Sector Development Policy
Labor wants people to succeed, innovate, develop and create prosperity. We recognise that it is time for a contemporary approach to the digital economy, open government and Tasmanian tech sector industry development.
Investing in Local Communities
Labor has been committed to supporting Tasmania’s Neighbourhood Houses for over 15 years. We recognise the important role Neighbourhood Houses have in community life. Neighbourhood Houses run programs and activities at a local level that help to build the strength and resilience of individuals, families and communities. A Labor Government would commit to increased recurrent funding for the operation of 33 Neighbourhood Houses across Tasmania of $45,000 each.
Justice and Corrections
Labor is committed to building stronger, safer and more resilient communities. To do this, we must ensure that our justice system is focussed on addressing the root causes of crime and reducing rates of reoffending. Building bigger jails is not the best way to keep the community safe. We need an evidence-based approach to justice […]
Labor Fiscal Strategy
Tasmanian Labor’s Fiscal Strategy reflects its commitment to: Deliver improved services to the Tasmania community; Maintain the State’s infrastructure investment; Improve public sector efficiency, and Constrain government expenditure to within long-term average growth in revenue and maintaining tax competitiveness. The Strategy is designed to provide a stable financial environment that is fiscally sustainable and provides […]
Labor support for Police and Community Youth Clubs
Labor is pleased to continue to support the 12 PCYC Clubs around Tasmania. We will work with the Clubs and PCYC Association to make sure they have the resources to meet the ever rising community demands. Labor will renew the MOU between Department of Police and Emergency Management and TAPCYC to include Clubs outside the […]
Labor’s Hospitality Policy
Labor is committed to ensuring the hospitality industry can continue to grow and provide jobs for Tasmanians. A key driver of growth is customer satisfaction. Tasmania is gaining a global reputation for high quality visitor experiences. We know that if visitors to our state experience good quality customer service they are more likely to return […]
Labor’s $45 million plan for the Agriculture sector
There no doubt that our island has an enviable reputation when it comes to primary production.  Our natural competitive advantages in water, soil quality, climate and disease free status all provide opportunities for our farmers. Labor understands farmers and the important role primary industry plays in our economy and our community. Agriculture makes a significant […]
Labor’s Commitment to People with a Disability
Labor is committed to supporting Tasmanians with a disability. Labor fully supports the NDIS and the flexibility it provides to people living with disability to tailor support to their individual needs. Labor also recognises there are areas that government still needs to provide a role and ensure that Tasmanians with a disability are able to […]
Labor’s Financial Policy
Tasmanian Labor’s Fiscal Strategy reflects its commitment to: Deliver improved services to the Tasmania community; Maintain the State’s infrastructure investment; Improve public sector efficiency, and Constrain government expenditure to within long-term average growth in revenue and maintaining tax competitiveness. The Strategy is designed to provide a stable financial environment that is fiscally sustainable and provides […]
Labor’s National Parks overhaul
The chronic underfunding of Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service will be reversed by a Majority Labor Government with funding for an additional 30 park rangers and field officers. The tourism industry is pivotal for the future of Tasmania and it was time to ensure entry fees at National Parks for interstate and international tourists reflected […]
Legal Aid and Community Legal Centres
Labor strongly believes that all Tasmanians should have effective access to justice on an equal basis. We understand that Legal Aid must be available for all criminal cases for those people who cannot afford a lawyer and where possible, Legal Aid should be available for civil cases, especially for child protection matters. Community Legal Services […]
Legalising Medicinal Cannabis
Tasmanian Labor believes in adopting a compassionate approach towards assisting unwell people to be able to obtain and use legally prescribed medicinal cannabis.
Men’s and Community Sheds Small Grants Program
Labor recognises that since 2009 the number of Community and Men’s Sheds around Tasmania have grown significantly.  The number of new members joining existing sheds has also increased, with 15% growth in memberships across the State in the last 20 months. Labor understands that community and men’s sheds play a valuable role at grass roots […]
Mona Foma relocation
Labor will spark a new wave of economic and cultural investment by supporting the reinvention of the massively successful Mona Foma (Mofo) in Launceston. Labor will provide $8 million over four years to move the full festival program from Hobart to Launceston from 2019 and create a permanent cultural workforce in the North. It was […]
Older Tasmanians
A Labor Government understands the value that older people contribute to our communities; and the challenges that they face, such as cost of living and remaining healthy for longer. Tasmania has a high proportion of older people living in our community. Labor knows that a coordinated and multi-faceted approach is required to best support older […]
Planning and Local Government Policy
Labor recognises that Local Councils, comprising of community elected Councillors and Aldermen are appropriately placed to make planning decisions that meet the expectations of locals and reflect the best outcomes for the local environment.
Protecting Older Tasmanians
Labor will make Tasmania the nation’s leading jurisdiction in the important approach to combatting the serious issue of elder abuse. With a high proportion of elderly Tasmanians in our towns and communities, it was critical Tasmania lead the charge on elder abuse. In its first term a Majority Labor Government will: Task the Tasmania Law Reform […]
Protecting Tasmanian Children
There is no justification for abusing a child and the community is right to demand the full force of the law is brought down on the perpetrator. Labor will take an evidence based approach, strengthening penalties for sex offenders by providing Tasmanian courts with clear sentencing directions to reflect both the gravity of abhorrent crimes and community expectations.
Public Sector Credit Card Use
The State Government needs to set an example when it comes to how publicly money is spent. Tasmanians deserve confidence that the people spending their taxes are doing so responsibly. That’s why a majority Labor Government will instruct government departments and businesses to limit the distribution of taxpayer-funded credit cards only to senior executives and employees with direct purchasing roles.
Racing Policy
Labor wants to see a strong, vibrant racing industry in Tasmania. We would immediately introduce a point of consumption tax on wagering revenue and commission an independent review of Tasmania’s racing industry. The wagering tax has the capacity to put the racing industry on a more sustainable footing. The review would make sure that the […]
Restoring Confidence in the Salmon Industry
Aquaculture is a significant provider of full time jobs in regional Tasmania at a time when we desperately need full time employment. The Liberal Government has eroded community trust in this important industry by failing to provide leadership. This lack of action has also led to a lack of certainty for the industry. Labor will strengthen the regulation of the Tasmanian salmon industry and make it more independent.
Stronger and Safer Communities
A Majority Labor Government will make smart investments in our police service, with a focus on bolstering community policing in rural towns and communities right around the State.
Support for Small Businesses
Tasmania’s small and medium sized businesses are the engine room of the State’s economy.  Over 37,000 sole traders and partnerships operate, keeping many Tasmanians in work, across all sectors of the economy. Labor understands that being in business is sometimes tough.  For small business owners, the work behind the scenes continues well after the shop […]
Supporting Australian Disability Enterprises
Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE’s) operating across Tasmania, provide a source of valuable and meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability. A Tasmanian Labor Government will work towards buying more than $22 million of its supplies and consumables budget from Tasmanian ADE’s within five (5) years.
Supporting the Arts Community
A Majority Labor Government will provide a funding boost to help Tasmania’s arts community thrive once again after years of cuts by the Liberals. Since arts grants programs were defunded by the Liberals, the important arts community has been left without the resources to support the promotion, production, communication and curation of the arts and […]
Transparency in Political Donations
Labor believes a robust electoral system is an important part of any democracy; the community must have confidence in the systems in place to guarantee its integrity. An expenditure cap on political parties and candidates combined with increased transparency and timeliness of disclosure of political donations to candidates and parties would help to increase confidence in our political system.
A Labor Government understands that volunteerism is very important to the Tasmanian community and economy. To date, Labor has made a number of commitments to organisations and groups around the State that rely on the support of volunteers, including sporting and community groups. Indexation Labor strongly values the work of Volunteering Tasmania and understands the […]

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