Providing clear climate change policy leadership

Labor recognises the importance of leadership in addressing climate change which is why we will restore a Minister for Climate Change to work across departments to ensure that Tasmania has a coordinated response to climate change in Tasmania.

We need to assist our communities and businesses to adapt to the risks presented by climate hazards.  That is why a Labor Government will direct the Tasmanian Climate Change Office to develop a comprehensive climate adaptation plan in collaboration with our scientific and business community, taking into consideration climate hazards such as bushfires, the recent Hydro Tasmania energy crisis and the disease problems experienced by our marine aquaculture industries.

We recognise that some existing farm and fisheries operators are experiencing hardship as a result of climate change extremes, a warming climate may displace some crops and advantage others. That is why a Labor Government would undertake a thorough risk analysis across the primary industries sector.

Climate impacts not just on our industries, but on our natural environment.  That is why a Labor Government will ensure that we can understand how our environment has changed with an updated State of the Environment Report.  Drawing on data from across government and Government Business Enterprises previous State of the Environment Reports produced by the Tasmanian Planning Commission have assessed conditions and trends in the environment, the achievement of resource management objectives, and provided recommendations for future action to be taken in relation to the management of the environment.