Public Sector Credit Card Use

The State Government needs to set an example when it comes to how publicly money is spent.

Tasmanians deserve confidence that the people spending their taxes are doing so responsibly.

That’s why a majority Labor Government will instruct government departments and businesses to limit the distribution of taxpayer-funded credit cards only to senior executives and employees with direct purchasing roles.

Tasmanians deserve to have confidence that public money is being spent appropriately at all times. Labor would lead by example when it comes to the use of credit cards and implement expenditure discipline across government.

A Labor Government would follow the advice of the Auditor General and develop a model credit card policy that provides clear guidelines when it comes expenditure and use.

While practices across agencies are generally good, the Auditor General has identified the need for a clear and consistent policy across government that also sets an example for local government.

The Auditor General’s advice was focussed on Local Government but our guidelines would cover the use of credit cards across the whole government sector.

For the vast majority of the public service, instead of credit cards, a system of reimbursement for work-related expenses and purchases would be introduced.

Reimbursement would be approved by senior management and that will ensure transparency, accountability and, importantly, discipline around expenditure of government funds.

Credit cards will be limited to senior executives and employees with direct purchasing roles.