Labor’s Plan to Put People First

Labor’s Plan for Affordable Housing

Labor’s $106 million Housing Action Plan will help Tasmanians to get into the rental market, provide support to purchase a home and build 900 more public housing homes.

While the benefits of this package will be felt state-wide, targeted initiatives for the North West includes the construction of 75 new homes to meet the demand on the waiting list, particularly in regional areas.

Better Infrastructure and Transport

Labor recognises the need for continuing investment in North West Tasmania’s roads and other transport infrastructure to support further economic development in the region.

Labor has already committed to fund:

  • $6 million of safety and improvements to the Bass Highway between Detention Hill and Marawah
  • $1 to $2 million of work to improve the safety of the Highway Crossing at Christmas Hills.
  • $2 million for safety and surface upgrades of Henty Road from Henty River to Strahan.

Labor will also fund the construction of passing lanes on the Murchison Highway to improve safety at a cost of $1.5 million.

Public Transport – Passenger Transport Strategy

Under Labor’s All Aboard Passenger Transport strategy, Labor will review the coverage of bus services on the North West Coast to fund more buses to run more frequent services.
This will help to address social isolation and create more connected communities, where people can access the services they need, when they need them.
Labor will also work with bus service providers to roll-out integrated ticketing and real-time bus tracking.

Creating Jobs Through Advanced Manufacturing and Training

In the North West, 704 apprenticeships have gone under the Liberal Government.

Also under the Liberals Tasmania has lost over 1,600 full time jobs since last June.

The Liberal’s answer has been to advertise in Sydney for people to move here and make it even harder for Tasmanians to find work.

Labor’s answer is to rebuild TasTAFE and work with industry to create more full time jobs.

Labor will announce a comprehensive TasTAFE Policy during the election campaign.

Listening to Industry and Responding

The North West Coast has a proud history in manufacturing, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Labor recognises that our innovative spirit means we continue to have a strong advanced manufacturing, agriculture and agribusiness sectors, with further growth in areas such as renewable energy.

All of these industries are important providers of jobs and economic growth in the region. A Majority Labor Government will appoint a Minister for Regional Development who will work across all sectors to support and grow opportunities on the North West Coast.
Labor knows the best way to grow the economy is through true partnerships. Labor will establish eight (8) Industry Advisory Councils across key sectors of the economy.

  • Minerals, Energy and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Innovation and Information and Communication Technologies
  • Primary Industries and Forestry
  • Education, Science, Research and the Antarctic
  • Tourism, Hospitality, Festival, Heritage and the Arts
  • Building and Construction
  • Wellbeing, Care and Community Development
  • Employment, Regional Development and Trade.

The first task of each Council will be the completion of an Industry Audit to guide and develop new programs for each industry.

Labor believes it is critical to have the University of Tasmania and TasTAFE working directly with government and industry to drive positive economic outcomes for the State.

Apprenticeship and Trainee Bonus

Labor is committed to the current Apprentice and Trainee Bonus scheme.
The scheme provides a payroll tax rebate and bonuses of up to $5,000 for each new apprentice or trainee taken on by a business in an area of identified skills demand.

Labor will evaluate the performance of the scheme at the end of 2018-19 to ensure that it aligns with the objectives of the Industry Audits and workforce plans developed by Industry Advisory Councils.

Welding Simulator and Certification for Defence Force Supply Contracts

Labor will commit $250,000 towards the purchase of a welding simulator on the North West Coast, which will immediately assist 30 apprentices to reach the necessary compliance standards.

Labor understands the importance of ensuring businesses on the North West Coast are provided with the capacity and flexibility to certify local welders to meet the requirements for Defence Force supply contracts and meet the rapid changes to welding standards and the technology of welding with different metals.

Labor also recognises the importance of new technology-based training in ensuring that Tasmanians of all ages have access to new and emerging employment opportunities.

Continued investment in new technology and equipment and in training for vocational education is vital in enabling North West Tasmania to keep pace with technological change in industry and trades and in creating better jobs.

Under the Liberals, vocational education and training has stagnated, with under-investment in new technology and equipment and in staff training.
Labor’s vision is for the North West Coast to be recognised as an education and training centre of excellence, with a new focus on vocational education and training – with TAFE at its heart.

Enhancing Livability

North West Tasmania is already a vibrant place to live and work.

Labor wants to continue to build on this reputation and attract people, not only to visit, but to live on the coast.

New and Existing Small Festivals and Events Grant Program

Labor recognises North West Tasmania’s vibrant lifestyle and sense of community and will support Local Government and community groups to foster community–based arts and cultural activities.

Labor sees the positive role that festivals and community events can play in stimulating cultural activity, generating new jobs and generating new community pride.

Labor believes there are unexplored opportunities for the North West Coast to develop new festivals, strengthen existing events and to enhance its reputation as a centre of culture and the arts.

Labor will establish a $1 million New and Existing Small Events Grant Program.

This will help build new events into the calendar to benefit regional and remote communities.

The fund will offer grants of up to $20,000 per event, with priority given to new festivals and events with co-investment and support from Local Government.

Labor has already committed to providing the dynamic festival Unconformity with $300,000 of extra funding over three years to assist with their financial sustainability and ongoing success.

Bringing The Tourism Boom To The North West Coast

Labor wants to ensure that the tourism boom is felt in all parts of Tasmania, not just in the South.

Labor is committed to investing in regional tourism projects that will drive visitation, investment and jobs.

A Majority Labor Government has committed to fully fund projects identified in the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania’s ‘Future Proofing Our Icons’ report including:

  • The Cradle Mountain Master Plan $15 million – to progress the non-commercial infrastructure components of the Cradle Mountain Master Plan.
  • Stanley Visitor Infrastructure Upgrade $650,000 – to improve and contemporise ageing visitor facilities and ensure the destination can manage current and future visitor growth.
    Tarkine Drive Visitor Nodes $400,000 – to significantly upgrade visitor infrastructure at the Julius River Reserve including new parking for coaches, new picnic shelters and walking track upgrades.
  • Gordon River Experience (Sarah Island) $300,000 – to overhaul visitor infrastructure on Sarah Island including contemporary signage, a weather shelter and upgraded pathways.
    Braddon has many unique and exciting tourism activities for locals and tourists alike. The gateways to our distinctive regions and the activities we offer will encourage tourists to spend longer in our region.

This creates jobs and allows us to share our wonderful scenery, food, retail and adventure experiences with locals and visitors.

A Majority Labor Government will work with Local Government, tourism operators and communities to introduce an integrated regional tourism plan building on the work of the Destination Action Plans.

Cradle Mountain Cableway

Labor is committed to funding a cableway as part of the Cradle Mountain Masterplan, with up to $30 million provided to the cableway project in conjunction with a co-investment from the Commonwealth Government.

Labor does not believe that maintaining reliance on road access alone is in the best interests of the environment and visitor amenity.

Labor supports the original vision for a cableway to linking a world-class wilderness village and visitor centre to the Dove Lake precinct.

A Majority Labor Government will commit to funding the project in a 50-50 split with the Commonwealth.

This investment is a significant game-changer for Cradle Mountain as a destination and is designed to unlock private sector investment in further visitor accommodation and services.

Without significant investment, Cradle Mountain and surrounds are in danger of being loved to death.

Wynyard Foreshore redevelopment

Labor has already committed funding of $2.87 million for a major redevelopment of the Wynyard foreshore.

This funding commitment includes $2 million for the Waratah-Wynyard Council’s Foreshore Environs Masterplan, which features a new building for the Wynyard Yacht Club, complete with a multi-use community area and space for a café or restaurant.

These works will be complemented by a new pedestrian pathway and boardwalk between the wharf and the boat ramp.

Labor’s commitment also includes $870,000 of funding to repair the crumbling seawall at the entrance to the Inglis River.

Shared Pathways – Tracks and Trails Grants Program

It was Labor who commenced the work on building a network of shared pathways along the North West Coast.

The long term vision to create approximately 100km of shared pathways through the North West Coastal Pathway Plan linking Wynyard to Latrobe has already begun with the Cooee to Wynyard section to be completed in 2019.

A Majority Labor Government will support continued work towards the completion of the North West Coastal Pathway Plan through a Tracks and Trails Grants Program, to be announced during the election campaign.

Waratah Dam

The Liberal Government has known since at least February 2017 of potential issues with the Waratah Dam when Hydro Tasmania prepared a report on the issue.

The Minister in charge of dam regulation also became aware of this issue last year when the statutory Dam Safety Regulator became involved.

The Liberal Government chose to keep it a secret from the Waratah community.

The community now faces the prospect of having their local town dam dewatered and all its associated tourism and environmental values destroyed.

The dam and surrounding area provides habitat for endangered burrowing crayfish, platypus, freshwater crayfish, Tasmanian devils, quolls and eagles.

Labor is aware that local industry players are ready and willing to assist with this issue.

Unlike the Liberals who at war with TasWater, Labor has successfully held discussions with TasWater with advice that it will place on hold any future decision on the decommissioning of the Waratah Dam to allow for further discussions, engineering and environmental assessments to take place with key stakeholder to find a solution.

Arthur Pieman Conservation Area

Labor is committed to getting the right balance in the management and protection of the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area. That is why a Federal Labor Government and Majority Tasmanian Labor Government would deliver a package of almost $3 million to deliver greater protection and management for the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area on the state’s far north west and west coasts.

The package would include:

  • $2.29 million investment from a Federal Labor Government for the development and implementation of a new cultural management plan as well as tourism infrastructure including signage on indigenous sites and funding for up to four new indigenous rangers.
  • $600,000 from a Majority Tasmanian Labor Government as its share of the costs, including the costs to reinstate a local management committee that will include all key stakeholders to oversee the new cultural management plan.

Building Stronger and Safer Communities

Labor has a strong track record of keeping communities safe and we know how important it is for people to feel safe and secure in their homes.

Equally, we know how important it is to support services like RSLs and Neighbourhood Houses that strengthen the fabric of our community.


Labor has listened to communities who want actual police on the ground in their towns. That will be delivered under Labor’s plan to recruit additional officers with a focus on rural and regional Tasmania. Labor will take police officers off court security duties in the North and North West, putting them back on the beat in communities.

Labor will place 57 more police officers back on the beat in Tasmania – where they belong – with more police presence in regional towns and communities like Circular Head, Latrobe and Ulverstone.

Every Tasmanian needs to feel safe in their home, safe in their workplace, safe to go about their business, safe to walk on the streets and know that their families are safe in every community.


Labor recognises the important work that the Returned Services League does in supporting our veterans and our communities.
That is why we are providing the Returned Services League with an additional $100,000 per year to support clubs like Burnie, Circular Head, Devonport, King Island, Latrobe, Penguin, Sheffield, Railton, Ulverstone and Wynyard.

Neighbourhood Houses

Labor will ensure that Neighbourhood Houses can continue to empower their communities through an increase in recurrent funding to $45,000.

In addition to this, $2 million will be invested in capital upgrades to improve Neighbourhood House infrastructure and stimulate local jobs.

This will benefit Burnie Community House, Devonport Community House, East Devonport Community House, Rosebery Community House, Ulverstone Neighbourhood House, Zeehan Neighbourhood Centre and Phoenix Community House.