Putting Transparency Into Petrol Pricing

Tasmanian consumers are being ripped-off at the petrol bowser.

While Labor understands it is more expensive to sell fuel in Tasmania than interstate because of freight costs there is no justification for Tasmanian motorists continuing to pay 20-40c a litre more for fuel. Quite simply, enough is enough!

Labor is absolutely committed to reducing the cost of petrol, gas and diesel in Tasmania and helping motorists to make an informed choice at the bowser

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is due to release its report into petrol pricing in Launceston early this year. It is hoped the report will provide insight into pricing activities and inform further policy development.

However, there are things that can be done immediately to provide more transparency into petrol pricing.

Greater Pricing Transparency

Labor will require service stations to display only undiscounted fuel prices on fuel boards and road-side signage in Tasmania. Currently service stations can advertise discounted petrol prices requiring the use of specific shopper dockets or voucher schemes to redeem.  Labor’s plan will ensure that consumers are aware of the maximum price per litre they will pay at the checkout.

Establishing a Fuel Price Oversight Officer

Labor will establish a statutory role of Fuel Price Oversight Officer within the Department of State Growth with power to monitor and collect fuel price data from across Tasmania.  New legislation will require retailers to display daily fuel prices in real time on the commission’s website which will enable motorists to quickly identify the cheapest fuel price in
their area.

Labor will also proactively work to increase the number of independent operators in Tasmania including an increase in independent wholesalers. Independent operators will deliver much needed competition to the Tasmanian market place and drive down fuel prices for Tasmanian motorists.