Restoring Confidence in TasTAFE

Under the Hodgman Liberal Government TasTAFE has lurched from one scandal to the next.

Tasmanian industry, students and the TasTAFE workforce have suffered.

The TasTAFE brand has been damaged under the Hodgman Liberal Government but Tasmanians still respect and value the public provision of skills and training. TasTAFE does have a long history of producing quality outcomes and Labor believes this is worth keeping.

Labor recognises that there is still a solid foundation within TasTAFE to build upon and Labor is passionate about making TasTAFE the best it possibly can be.

A Majority Labor Government will work with staff and students to restore confidence inside the organisation and promote a positive culture.

Labor will release the Wise Lord and Ferguson audit in full and provide the resources necessary to address the recommendations.

The requirements to achieve successful change will be assessed based on the audit recommendations and consultation with the TAFE board, management and staff.
In addition we will:

  • Review the role of Education Manager, so TasTAFE delivery teams are better supported.
  • Work with The Office of Tasmanian Assessment and Standards Certification (TASC), so that students are able to access TasTAFE courses on campus and achieve a Tasmanian Certificate of Education.
  • Consult with students and implement a student representative structure, so that student’s voices are heard.

A Majority Labor Government will reposition TasTAFE as a world class institution, so that Tasmanians have access to high quality, public provided skills and training.

Listening to Industry and Employers

Labor has announced the creation of 8 Industry Advisory Councils, to provide Skills Tasmania and the Department of Education with direct input into the where skills and training budgets should be spent.

Labor guarantees TasTAFE will be allocated no less than 70% of the total pool of skills and training budget to ensure the training needs of key industry sectors are met.

Labor’s vision – TasTAFE Apprentice and Trainee Scholarship Program

Under Will Hodgman there has been a loss of 1,900 apprenticeships over the past four years.

In contrast, Labor has a vision to make Tasmania the most skilled state in the nation.

Labor will restore the damage done and stimulate future growth by offering 3,000 targeted TAFE scholarships.

The $1,000 scholarships will be used to fill key skills gaps, as identified by Labor’s new Industry Advisory Councils.

The construction industry is a prime example of where TAFE scholarships could help to address a shortfall of at least 400 apprentices.

Labor recognises other areas of growing demand include hospitality, disability support and aged care.

TAFE scholarships will be used alongside other strategies to encourage employers to take on trainees and apprentices.

The current apprentice and trainee incentive program will be evaluated at the end of 2018-19 to determine whether it has successfully stimulated the creation of apprenticeships and traineeships before a decision is made to extend it.

Cost $3 million