Restoring Teacher Numbers

We recognise the excellent work done by our teachers, principals, and all members of the school and education community, in often challenging circumstances.

The Liberal Government cut two teachers out of every school in their first budget, increasing class sizes and limiting programs such as music and drama.

We know that our teachers are stretched to breaking point and we cannot hope to get the best from them or our students without giving them the time they need to teach.

Labor will put 201 FTE teachers into our schools to not only repair the damage done by the Liberal’s but to invest in our children’s future.

Labor’s initiative will deliver:

  • 89 new teachers

  • 40 early learning teachers

  • 50 teachers that Labor in Government will work with the department to identify roles that could transition back to school communities

  • 22 Early Childhood Intervention Service teachers

Cost: $34 million – Labor’s initiative will be funded through new money and funding from the Early Years Guarantee.

Removing Principals from the Staffing Quota

A lack of resources means most principals are performing classroom roles, which takes them away from their leadership duties.

Labor’s commitment to restoring teacher numbers will allow us to strengthen school leadership across the state by working in good faith with schools, principals and unions towards removing school principals from the staffing quota.

Increasing Capacity

Labor knows that it is not just the cuts to teachers that are reducing the capacity of our teachers to teach.

We know that students start disengaging long before they reach high school which is why Labor is investing to support students to successfully transition through the education system.

More professional support staff

Labor will invest in an additional 30 FTE support staff like school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists and school social workers to ensure that the services students need to achieve their best are wrapped around them in a school environment.

This will also give teachers the time they need to focus on teaching. Labor will work with schools to identify which professional support staff they need in their school communities.

Cost: $8.71 million

More Teacher Assistants and Administration staff

Labor recognises the invaluable support that teacher assistants and administrative staff provide in schools. 

Teachers are struggling to juggle the level of administrative work placed on them which is why Labor will provide funding for 30 FTE teacher assistants and administration staff to reduce the pressure on our teachers.

This commitment will allow resources to be allocated to areas of greatest need around the state.

Cost: $4.95 million

Getting the right balance

Laboratory technicians provide an essential role in keeping students safe and ensuring they are able to participate fully in science.  However Labor knows that the current ratio for high school laboratory technicians is inadequate because it doesn’t take into consideration higher student numbers.

Labor will work to introduce a staffing formula for high school science laboratory technicians which is based on the number of students undertaking science subjects, which will apply to high schools and colleges.

Ensuring our workers are effectively represented

Labor will commit to a consultative process with education stakeholders including unions in the development of major education reforms.

Labor has committed to good faith wage negotiations with its workforce.
Labor will commit to a consultative process with education stakeholders including unions in the development of major education reforms.

Merit based selection

Labor will commit to publicly advertising all permanent vacancies for base grade teaching positions.

This will assist us to retain our best and brightest graduates in permanent positions in public schools and colleges.

Workplace Health and Safety

Teacher claims for worker’s compensation related to stress increased by 60 per cent between 2015-16 and 2016-17.

This is not only having an unacceptable impact on staff, but it is costing the budget around $2 million a year.

Labor will commit to establishing a working group between the Department of Education and stakeholders to improve Workplace Health and Safety outcomes.

IT Working Group

Technology impacts on many aspects of work within schools and the Department of Education, which is why it is critical that it is fit for purpose, user friendly and efficient. 

Labor will establish an internal working group to review the current IT systems and ensure they are keeping up with technological change.