Restoring Teacher Numbers

We recognise the excellent work done by our teachers, principals, and all members of the school and education community, in often challenging circumstances.

The Liberal Government cut two teachers out of every school in their first budget, increasing class sizes and limiting programs such as music and drama.

We know that our teachers are stretched to breaking point and we cannot hope to get the best from them or our students without giving them the time they need to teach.

Labor will put 201 FTE teachers into our schools to not only repair the damage done by the Liberal’s but to invest in our children’s future.

Labor’s initiative will deliver:

  • 89 new teachers

  • 40 early learning teachers

  • 50 teachers that Labor in Government will work with the department to identify roles that could transition back to school communities

  • 22 Early Childhood Intervention Service teachers

Cost: $34 million – Labor’s initiative will be funded through new money and funding from the Early Years Guarantee.

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