Stage Five: Improving the Health of Our Community

Improving Health Outcomes

Labor understands health affects everything we do – how we work, the time spent with our family and loved ones and what we do in our spare time.

Good health boosts productivity and improves workplace participation.

A healthy state will deliver a stronger economy.

The best way to take pressure off the health system and the budget is to act early and intervene sooner.

Healthy Communities Commission

Labor will take preventative health seriously by establishing the Healthy Communities Commission.

The Commission’s sole focus will be to provide policy advice, research and programs that result in better health outcomes for all Tasmanians.

Cost: $20 million

Health in All Policies

A Labor Government will direct the Department of Premier and Cabinet to act as the lead agency to adopt a Health in All Policies approach to improve the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.

This will ensure there is government leadership in policies, intervention and actions beyond the health sector.

Child Health and Parenting Service (CHaPS) Nurses

CHaPS nurses play a critical role in looking after the health of the children and families in Tasmania.

CHaPS nurses support not just childrens health but the health and wellbeing of families, offering parents information on a wide range of topics including: immunisation, child health and development, practical parenting tips, nutrition, breastfeeding, sleep and settling, communication, play and safety, nutrition, oral health, post natal depression, fathering, balancing work and family life, play, injury prevention and SIDS.

Labor is committed to ensuring that all current CHaPS nurses positions are filled to ensure an ongoing service is available for children and families in their communities, and critical early checks can be performed for all children.

Cost: $2.6 million

Child health smartphone app

Labor will make it easier for parents to keep track of their childs health progress by rolling out a Child Health and Parenting Service app (blue book).

This app will give parents direct communication with CHaPS and reminders about their child’s next health check. It will also provide parents with tips on maintaining the health and wellbeing of their child.

Cost: $50,000

Smoking Cessation

Smoking kills an estimated 500 Tasmanians every year and it is the risk factor responsible for the greatest burden of disease in the country.

The cost of smoking cessation programs and products can be a barrier for people wanting to give up.

Labor believes that we should support people to make healthy choices and that is why we will trial the introduction of a subsidy for Tasmanians with a Health Care Card to access nicotine replacement treatment. It is estimated 2,500 Tasmanians could benefit from this support which would help them improve their health and take pressure off the health system.

Cost: $125,000

Tobacco Control

Labor understands that to reduce smoking rates there needs to be a sustained effort to fund anti-tobacco campaigns.

Labor will boost anti-tobacco marketing to ensure it is high visibility and high impact.

We will undertake a regular Tasmanian Smoking and Health Survey to monitor smoking rates and assess the effectiveness of campaigns.

Cost: $1.5 million

Influenza Vaccination

Labor will conduct a one year trial of free influenza vaccinations for all children and adults who are not eligible under the Federal Government scheme.

Cost: $2 million

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