Stage Four: Continuous Improvement

Working Smarter

Labor recognises that the health workforce has the ideas and drive needed to fix the health system.

We are not proposing another series of extensive consultations, we have heard what has been suggested and now is the time to work collaboratively to see it achieved.

Good governance and leadership of the health system is essential to drive a healthy culture that empowers the workforce, provides a safe work environment and delivers health services that are both of a high quality and sustainable.

To truly make the patient the centre of the health system, we need to make sure that their voice is elevated.

This can be achieved through existing peak bodies having a greater say, re-invigorating  Consumer Committees for each region and by listening to individuals and their experiences in the health system.

The ability to deliver good health care depends upon having a skilled workforce that is empowered to work to their full scope, utilise their expertise and is provided with the right equipment to do the job.

Improving the workplace culture will foster a work environment that helps Tasmania recruit and retain staff, maintain accreditation and provide a safe and productive place of work.

The growing pressure on Tasmania’s health system requires Government to work smarter to meet demand.

Management of the Tasmanian Health System

There has been serious concern raised about the governance of the Tasmanian Health Service for a long time and finally there has been some action taken to address the problem.

Currently there is no clear figure with authority in charge of the health system and this is creating confusion for staff.

Our priority is to install local leadership and decision making at a hospital level.

The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services should have oversight of the entire Tasmanian health system, reporting directly to the Minister.

A Labor Government will work in partnership with the workforce to ensure that a statewide health system can operate with the full confidence of those who are engaged in it daily.

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