Stage One: Immediate Crisis Relief

More Appointments and More Elective Surgery

Labor will deliver a $75 million strategy to improve waiting times for outpatient appointments and deliver extra elective surgery.

This investment will fund an additional 15,000 outpatient appointments and provide more timely access to elective surgery.

Cost: $250,000 to develop the More Appointments and More Elective Surgery strategy and $75 million for implementation.

Reducing Emergency Department Waiting Times.

Tasmania’s Emergency Department waiting times are the worst in the country.

That is in large part because of a serious shortage of hospital beds, with doctors warning the issue has cost lives.

Labor’s plan will deliver more beds over the next six years but it is critical we also deliver a solution to the crisis right now.

To free up beds for those who need them most, patients that need services before they go home like radiology, medical imaging, allied health or pharmacy will be able to get these services during evening hours and weekends, to make their discharge faster so they can get home sooner.

Labor will employ more nurses to work in the community to provide health care where people live and increase community transport services.

Labor’s plan will allocate $47.5 million to employ more health professionals to clear bed block and ensure patients can go home when they are ready and be connected with their community nurse and GP.


Labor will seek a suitable hotel for the provision of rooms in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie to take pressure off the hospital system. This will support those patients who are discharged in the middle of the night and can’t get home, as well as patients who no longer need to be in the hospital. Nursing staff will provide supervision 24/7.

Labor will work with clinicians in each region to develop a model of care and protocol for eligibility that meets the needs of each patient group.

Cost: $20.2 million

Better transport options for the West Coast

Labor recognises that for remote and regional areas transport options to and from medical appointments is limited. Labor will conduct a two year trial of a fixed transport service, operating seven days a week, between the West Coast and Burnie, Devonport and Launceston for patients who are fit for independent travel. This service would have the capacity to transport 10 patients at a time.

Cost: $265,000 over two years

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