Supporting Australian Disability Enterprises

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE’s) operating across Tasmania, provide a source of valuable and meaningful employment opportunities for people with a disability – in a wide range of areas such as packaging, assembly, production, recycling, screen printing, plant nursery, garden maintenance, landscaping, cleaning services, laundry services and food services.

ADE’s face an uncertain future with changes foreshadowed to the Federal Government’s wage calculation tool, which could have a dramatic impact on the future viability of the disability sector.

Buying Better for Tasmania

A Tasmanian Labor Government will work towards buying more than $22 million of its supplies and consumables budget from Tasmanian ADE’s within five (5) years.

Under existing arrangements, agencies already have the option of streamlining their procurement systems to purchase directly from approved ADE’s without needing to undertake a full quotation or tender process.  ADE’s must of course comply with applicable disability standards and work practices.

Australian Disability Enterprises offer similar working conditions as other employers and an opportunity for people with a disability to contribute to their local community.

By establishing a minimum spend for Tasmanian Government agencies and ensuring tenders are appropriately scoped, ADE’s will be sent a strong message that a Labor Government will support the long term growth of the sector and assist in the short term challenges currently being faced.