Targeted Support for Housing

Multi-Residential Developments

Labor will build three new multi-residential developments around the state, based on the same principles as Hopkins Street in Moonah.

The Hopkins Street complex provides 30 units for Tasmanians in need, including six two-bedroom units with wheelchair access.

It embraces many environmental sustainability principles – with each unit achieving a 7 or 8 star energy rating.

The cost of living for tenants is reduced through features such as:

  • Solar hot water systems.

  • Energy-efficient heating, cooling and lighting.

  • Substantial insulation.

The developments will be designed to cater for a mix of residents including 18-25 year olds at risk of homelessness, over 55’s, people living with a disability and people escaping family violence.

Cost: $24 million

Public Housing in Regional Areas

We know that there is a shortage of housing in regional areas, particularly for people over 55 who want to live close to friends and family.

Labor will analyse the housing waiting list to identify areas of need for public housing in regional areas such as Ulverstone, St Helens and the Huon Valley.

Labor will invest $6 million into building 75 new homes to meet the demand on the waiting list targeting areas identified as greatest need.

Cost: $6 million

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Two thousand low income families around Tasmania will benefit from energy efficiency upgrades with lower power bills and warmer homes. 

Public housing tenants will receive energy efficiency upgrades such as water saving shower heads and draft proofing, insulation along with education to assist with lowering the power bill, with an average saving of $400 per household a year.

Labor understands the pressure cost of living is having on all Tasmanians and remains determined to look at ways to assist now and into the future.

Cost: $2.5 million

Heating Upgrades

Labor recognises that the rising cost of electricity is impacting most on those who are least able to afford it.

Labor believes it is unacceptable that some residents in public housing cannot afford to heat their homes.

That is why Labor is committed to installing 1000 heat pumps into the homes of tenants in the oldest public housing properties.

Cost: $4 million

Reintegrating Ex-Offenders (REO) Program

Labor recognises the importance of providing a home to ex-offenders in reducing homelessness and rates of reoffending. 

That is why we will restore the Reintegrating Ex-Offenders Program that the Liberals cut.

Offenders who do not have an appropriate address to be released to have been denied parole putting unnecessary pressure on our justice system by keeping people in prison who would otherwise be eligible for release.

Before the Liberals cut the successful Reintegrating Ex-Offenders (REO) Program, it provided access to transitional accommodation and pre and post-release support for ex-prisoners, remandees and parolees who would otherwise be homeless on release from custody. 

Labor understands the value of the REO program and the opportunity it provides for ex-offenders to reintegrate into the community. That is why we are investing $350,000 per annum to ensure ex-offenders are given access to appropriate support and accommodation.

Cost: $1.4 million

Funding for Future Growth

Labor is committed to ensuring that the Tasmanian Affordable Housing Strategy is able to be effectively implemented after the current implementation plan expires in 2019.

We will work with the sector to ensure this happens, and that the funding is available to achieve this.

Labor has made a prudent provision for funding future programs, informed by the trials contained in this policy and consultation with stakeholders.

Cost $52.2 million