A Labor Government understands that volunteerism is very important to the Tasmanian community and economy.

To date, Labor has made a number of commitments to organisations and groups around the State that rely on the support of volunteers, including sporting and community groups.


Labor strongly values the work of Volunteering Tasmania and understands the importance of the work that the organisation does in supporting volunteers, and advocating for their needs in the community.

Labor has also committed to ensuring that peak bodies funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC) receive indexation across all grant deed and project funded amounts through this department.

Labor will also work with existing DPAC peaks, including Volunteering Tasmania, to conduct an audit of current grant funding to ensure funding keeps pace with expectations and requirements.

Safeguarding Volunteers in Tasmania

Labor understands the economic, social and cultural value of volunteering to our State.

A Labor Government will work with Volunteering Tasmania to prioritise their funding and target their project funding towards research and data collection to ensure the future of volunteering in Tasmania is assured.

To increase the capacity of the organisation in achieving this important piece of work, Labor will support the organisation through the assistance of a project officer within the Department of Premier and Cabinet across a 12 month period.

Volunteerism grants program

Labor knows that many organisations and services are able to do as much as they can due to the significant contribution that volunteers willingly make.

In their first term, a Labor Government will support volunteer involving organisations through the pilot of a targetted small grants program, coordinated by Volunteering Tasmania, and to form part of National Volunteer Week.

The small grants program will enable volunteer involving organisations to apply for grants of up to $5,000 to support, develop and engage with volunteers. (Cost: $100,000)